My site has got too messy again. Instead of starting from scratch again, I'm gonna tinker here and collect my thoughts. I usually use plain text but I think an actual page with demonstrations would help.


Using cohost for a while, I've become facinated with the #css crimes tag, I wanna make some myself
For reasons I don't yet have an essay typed up to articulate, I don't like divs, but I'll afford myself the use of divs on the condition that I can't think of a more appropriate element for the job. Maybe I'll warm up to them through this.
Code copied from elsewhere will be linked.

Modified to be an hr tag, might get some kilometerage out of this.


WIP Neocities powered stats counter

Providing tech support: the request is one of these thingies:

but real, but instead of tracking the user it gets the info from the stats page on neocities.

First roadblock: It's a server-side thing. I go to it in lynx, and it works.

Addendum A: looks like someone made an API for it lol

Addendum B:Prevoius code had cross-origin issues. LethalCompound made a version that is compliant with current security standards, and represents each character as a gif file.

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