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Kate's Space

If it's a little empty here it's because I decided to start over with this site since the way I structured it was too unmanagable. Gonna reimplement a lot of stuff soon.

⭐ College student (Active)
⭐ Finally drawing but mostly fundamentals currently. Rusty but I'm getting there.
⭐ Born: 1999
⭐ Timezone: UTC-7
⭐ OS + DE: NixOS + KDE

Images won't load?

I use .jxl images, which chrome doesn't support because it competes with .webp
If you are having difficulty using this site on any non-chrome browser please tell me so I can remedy that, but I'm gonna be stubborn about the .jxl thing tho, so my approach with that is just making sure the site is legible even when the images don't load, and use adequate alt-text.

That said, in order to load the .jxl images on this site, please enable image.jxl.enable in your about:config. (They're my favorite image format btw.)
It has occured to me that Firefox release doesn't yet support .jxl, but Firefox nightly, as well as any fork should support it, and dev / beta will be getting it soon. I assume it won't take too long for that to be solved but if you don't see images even with it enabled, that's why. (I don't get why they ship the option if it doesn't do anything, but eh.)

Another attempt at notebook paper

The joke is that the place is called "Sneed's Feed & Seed" which is clever in itself and quite funny to those with a mature sense of humour but what's really just hilarious about it is that if you look closely at the front of this store, Sneed's Feed & Seed, you can see a line that reads "Formerly Chuck's". Now, this might go over the average viewer's head as this, THIS, is peak comedy. I doubt anything will ever be as funny as the joke about Sneed's Feed & Seed. Are you ready for this one? So, like I said, the place is called "Sneed's Feed & Seed" and this sign says "Formerly Chuck's", which means that when Chuck owned the place, well, I don't have to tell you...

Not quite sure where to put this yet but check out the Plain Text section!

Skin rendered with Visage