JanusXR Unofficial Docs


Create a no-javascript needed, lynx friendily documentation for Janusweb that uses the stylistic choices of the old docs while being up-to-date.

Assuming I keep my energy levels, this may take a while, but I think it'll be worth it.

Table of Contents

JanusXR Client

I'm gonna focus on the building aspect first.

Build with JML

A JanusXR client is essentially a web browser. Like most web browsers, content is defined through a "markup language" stored within an html file.

The JanusXR Markup Language (JML) is the basis for most three dimensional webspaces in JanusXR. By simply adding the JanusXR Markup Language to any document and then visiting that document in a JanusXR client, such as JanusWeb, you can transform it into a rich 3D environment.

Implementing into your website


Below is an example of JML contained within a standard webpage via a comment. The title of this webpage will be displayed on the portal once the user clicks on it.

    <title>Example title</title>

The FireBoxRoom doen't need to be commented out, but being technically XML based, commenting the JML out can help prevent some markup from showing up on the 2D document as text in certain cases, and help prevent the html parser from getting confused and causing nesting issues.