Da Stash

It has occured to me that I can set my search engine in firefox mobile to any site as long as it has a "%s" in it. So I can set it to "https//kateyagi.xyz/stash/#%s" and it'll pick an anchored section by that name, if any, else still bring me to this page to potentially find the thing I'm looking for if I've added it.

I'll try to incorperating adding something to this each day to my daily schedule :3, though I've been not doing great at keeping a daily schedule lately :/

Link to NeoCities for ease of editing


May as well link to wikipedia for completeness's sake: wikipedia.org

HTML et al:





Hex Casting


Wikis I want to find


What got me on the internet in the first place was (games, but also) how-to stuff, since my favorite genre of book as a kid was instructions, particularly how to draw books.

It's honestly astonishing how many artists on there are able to catch the same stock-photo-like vibe in a way that still feels soulful. Making wikihow images might be a good outlet for drawing practice, may look into that.

The infinite how-to-draw library book.