Glegle collection

Whenever I find images of Glegle I'll save them as .jxl (for storage reasons, use firefox nightly or a fork.) and post them here. Kindof an obscure meme but I think it's a fun little gem worth keeping an archive of.

If I find the artist for any of these, I'll shuffle them over to sections dedicated to said artist. If you know who drew any of these, let me know. This is an imageboard meme tho so I assume most of these are made by anonymous users.

It has occured to me I am dumb and didn't use lossless conversion AND didn't use max effort, so they're both soggy (best way I can describe the weird smearing it has, this is a cjxl thing.) and bigger than necessary. I will mark ones I haven't found and corrected this with a red dashed border

Also I'm gonna probably reassess my naming convention, use numbers in some way to prevent myself from adding two of the same one.