Arknights Dorm Screenshots

Collection of the furnature sets I manage to collect in full, as well as some custom ones.

IDK maybe I'll use these as a background for drawing. May as well share for those doing wanting to do the same.

Why? The wikis have really crusty screenshots of the dorms for some reason.


  1. Set furnature in dorm 3 of base
  2. Set graphics to high (doubious impact on base but just in case it affects anything)
  3. Assign 3rd assistant to dorm 3 to rest
  4. Vacate dorm 3
  5. Double Tap to normalize zoom and perspective
  6. Hide UI with 👁️ icon
  7. Screenshots

To Do


Side-Line / Simple Black & White Furnature
Side-Line / Simple Orange Furnature
Penguin Logistics Safehouse
Beachside Impressions
BSW Safehouse


Poor Doctor's Penguin Logistics Safehouse